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Community Representative

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SchoolRaising Community Representative. We hope you come to agree that this is the best job ever!

Overview of how it works:
  1. Join the Community Rep. Program
  2. Help local businesses list items for sale on the SchoolRaising site, which in-turn helps schools
  3. Show them the benefits of upgrading to Featured Item or Featured Company Listings & you earn a commission.
  4. Continue to receive commissions for each customer that lists you as their Rep., as long as they continue to utlize Featured Listings and maintain an Active status.
  5. Flexible schedule - you set your schedule & determine when you want to work
Income Opportunity
Total Montly Featured Listing Sales % Commission
$1-999 20%
$1,000-2,999 25%
$3,000+ 30%
* Bonus commission for each referral +5%/Rep.

* Earn a bonus commission on top of your normal commission for each Customer Rep. that you get to Join the Customer Rep. Program. Bonus commision applies to your sales for the month the Rep. joins & they must list you as the referring Rep. Max commission for any month is 80%

Requirements & Details
  1. We want people who are serious about helping SchoolRaising grow with our ultimate mission of helping every school raise needed funds.
  2. That's why we have a small non-refundable set-up fee of $50 to become a Community Representative to help weed out those who are not serious about our mission. To start things off right, half of this fee will be donated to a school of your choice & the other half is used to setup your account.
  3. The Vendor/Business must list you as their Representative in order to receive a commission. Your email address is used to identify you as thier Rep.
  4. Commission for individual Featured Listings is ongoing unless the Vendor's Advertising Account becomes inactive. Vendor Advertising Accounts become inactive if they do not utilize any Featured Listings for 90 days.
  5. Commissions are paid to Rep.s monthly. They're typically paid in the 1st week of the following month, after SchoolRaising receives payment by Customer.
  6. Inactive Vendor Advertising Accounts can be re-assigned to other Rep.s at SchoolRaising's discretion.
  7. Rep.s are encouraged to attend SchoolRaising Rep. meetings in person, via teleconference, or WebEx. Otherwise, Reps are encouraged to review our online webinars to stay up to date on the program.
  8. Gain a huge advantage if you are one of the first people to become a Community Rep. in your area.
  9. Reps are not limited to a specific area, so you can pursue new accounts in neighboring communities too.
  10. We assign our hardest working Rep.s new accounts as they become available to reward them for their efforts.
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Yes, I want the flexibility to work when I want with unlimited income potential, all while helping schools, local businesses & the community!

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We're currently in the BETA testing phase and need your feedback so we can provide the best fundrasing platform for schools and e-commerce platform for local businesses. Inititial BETA testing is being performed with a few schools, but we need everyone's feedback!

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