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SchoolRaising is a cause driven e-commerce platform for local businesses that also benefits schools and the community.

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How we Help Businesses
By helping schools you earn the loyalty of the community! Families support businesses that support their schools.
By helping schools, businesses benefit through increased sales to local families. SchoolRaising's online/mobile platform makes it easy for customers to buy your products or services from anywhere, using any device - smartphone, tablet, or PC.
Just sign-up, post your products and our online platform manages the transactions for you. So simple you can manage everything with your smartphone.

Sell your products using SchoolRaising's online/mobile platform without the expense of setting up & managing your own e-commerce marketplace.

SchoolRaising enables you to easily participate in one of the fastest growing markets today - mobile e-commerce. Other than making a small donation to local schools, using the SchoolRaising ecommerce platform is FREE!

Community engagement benefits everyone. SchoolRaising allows you to easily connect with schools and the community.

Each school that you donate money to is featured on your business profile page. No other platform provides this unique opportunity to help schools and recieve recognition year-round for your support.

Businesses that donate the most money to a school will receive special recognition as a top supporter on the school's profile page. Some schools offer additional recognition for top supporters, such as sending out special flyers to the students or parents, etc.

You get a FREE business profile page for your company, including a brief description of your business, contact info, a map, and links to your website and your social media accounts.
Featured Listings are available to further increase your sales. You choose the categoires and zip codes that will best reach your potential customers. Results are easily measured through SchoolRaising's detailed reports.

Put your products and services at the fingertips of the community with SchoolRaising’s online/mobile ecommerce platform.

Mobile e-commerce is growing rapidly and small businesses can finally compete with larger more-established companies using SchoolRaising’s mobile ecommerce platform - designed specifically for small businesses. Plus you can’t beat the price – it’s FREE! So sign up now!

What Businesses are Saying

Walker Bros. Ice Cream loves to help support our local Schools! SchoolRaising provides an awesome mobile platform that allows us to sell our gift cards & merchandise online, resulting in increased sales without having to develop or manage our own e-commerce platform. Best of all, we are able to help local schools & connect with the community! It's simple - just sign up, post your gift cards, products, or services for sale on the SchoolRaising platform & connect with the community!

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Support your favorite schools today by buying from participating local businesses!

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Please help us with BETA testing the site - You're input is crucial!

We're currently in the BETA testing phase and need your feedback so we can provide the best fundrasing platform for schools and e-commerce platform for local businesses. Inititial BETA testing is being performed with a few schools, but we need everyone's feedback!

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