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Earn money while helping schools, your community & your family!

Flexible schedule & a family-friendly job with a purpose - you earn money while helping schools, your community, & your family!

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Become a Community Representative
While you're earning money, you're also helping schools to raise needed funds!

Lend a hand to local businesses by helping them to sign-up and list their products on SchoolRaising. When businesses participate they receive the loyalty & support of local families. By helping schools & local businesses you're helping to strengthen the local economy & making the community stronger.

With typical fundraisers parents & relatives reluctantly buy products that are significantly overpriced, on the premise that it’s “for the good of the kids”!

With SchoolRaising, Buyers get the full value of each product at normal prices & local businesses donates a portion of every sale to the schools. The businesses gain the loyalty and future business from local families and the community. It's a win-win for everyone!

Many other part-time jobs involve pyramid schemes, where you have to try to convince your family and friends to purchase overpriced products so you can make some money. They also encourage you to convince your friends & family to sign up to be part of your "team", so you can make money off of anything that they sell too. This can result in an uncomforable situation for both sides.

With SchoolRaising, there's no selling of overpriced products to your friends or family or asking them to "Join Your Team" so you can make money off of them. That's just not our model, as no one really likes to pressure their friends just so they can make a few bucks.

Work when and where you want! You set your schedule - we understand that family comes first.
Unlimited income potential! Your success depends on your efforts. The harder & smarter you work the more money you make and the more you raise for schools. Take pride in your new business - SchoolRaising is the opportunity you've been waiting for to build your own business while helping to strengthen local schools and your community.
Feel good about your job - not only are you helping your family, but you're also helping schools, local businesses & the community! Best of all - you determine your schedule!
SchoolRaising fosters a fun working environment! You should look forward to going to work each day - with SchoolRaising you will & you'll have the opportunity to meet some new friends too
Just Sign-up, work at your own pace & our online platform manages the details for you. It's so simple - you can manage everything with your smartphone
A Family-Friendly Job with a Purpose!

As a SchoolRaising Community Representative, you can earn money & have a flexible schedule without all of the hassles of a traditional job. Simply sign up, help businesses list their products on the site and earn money when they upgrade to Featured Listings. In the process, you're also helping schools, local businesses & strengthening the community. It's the job you've always dreamed of - so Sign-up now!

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Unlimited Opportunity

With over 132,000 Schools already in our platform & over 28 million small businesses in the US - the opportunity is unlimited! Be one of the first in your area & gain a huge advantage!

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Secure Payments: SchoolRaising does NOT store any credit card data on our servers - All credit card processing is handled by PayPal to ensure your security. You do not need a PayPal account - You can pay with any major credit card or with a PayPal account.

Please help us with BETA testing the site - You're input is crucial!

We're currently in the BETA testing phase and need your feedback so we can provide the best fundrasing platform for schools and e-commerce platform for local businesses. Inititial BETA testing is being performed with a few schools, but we need everyone's feedback!

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