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Fundraiser Comparison

Typ. Fundraiser

  • Often take over 50% of Each Donation
  • Sell Overpriced Products
  • Volunteers are Hard to Get
  • Lasts Only 1 or 2 Days
  • Managing of Inventory is a Headache
  • Order Fullfilment Requires Extensive Effort
  • Lots of Paperwork
  • Often Large National Co.s
  • No transparency
  • Costly


  • School Keeps 100% of Every Donation
  • Fairly Priced Products
  • No Volunteers Needed
  • Raise Money All Year Long
  • Inventory is Managed by our Platform
  • Order Fullfillment is Managed by our Platform
  • No Paperwork Required
  • Mainly Small Local Businesses
  • Full transparency
  • FREE!
Always Demand Full Transparency

Do you know how much or what percentage your school gets with other fundraisers? Many fundraisers are unwilling to provide this key information upfront. If they did, you would be supprised about how much the other "fundraising" companies are actually taking & how little your school actually gets!

Always ask what % the the school gets. If they don't provide the info upfront, then don't do it!

With SchoolRaising 100% of every donation goes to your School or Group & Account Administrators have full access to detailed reports on how much money is raised and from where it is coming

Please help us with BETA testing the site - You're input is crucial!

We're currently in the BETA testing phase and need your feedback so we can provide the best fundrasing platform for schools and e-commerce platform for local businesses. Inititial BETA testing is being performed with a few schools, but we need everyone's feedback!

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