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How we Help Schools
With SchoolRaising 100% of every donation goes directly to your schoool. How many other fundraisers can say that?
Track all donations down to the penny. You know exactly how much you are earning in real-time with detailed reports and no hidden fees. SchoolRaising does NOT take any percentage of the donation from local businesses to your school and offers full transparency for all donations! With other fundraisers, you rarely know how much your school is actually getting from each sale or event.
Traditional fundraisers require an army of volunteers and PTA/PTOs are finding it harder to get help. SchoolRaising requires NO VOLUNTEERS !
Schools pay no fees, but have the opportunity to raise significant funds. SchoolRaising is an Ad Supported site and makes money by allowing local businesses to post Featured Listings and Advertising for additional fees (like Facebook & Google). It's completely FREE for schools!

With budget cutbacks today at many schools, it’s often hard for schools to provide funding for groups or clubs. In some cases schools have to terminate certain programs to meet reduced budgets.

With SchoolRaising, you can raise money specifically for your club or group. It’s simple, just sign-up your group on SchoolRaising and then every time you make a purchase a percentage of each sale is donated by the business to your group.

Traditional fundraisers only take place once a year and provide a very limited time to raise funds. SchoolRaising helps you raise money all year long!
The easiest fundraiser ever! Just Sign-up, purchase products or services from local businesses and they will donate a percentage of each sale to the school of your choice. Sign-up today and watch the dollars add up for your school

The SchoolRaising online/mobile platform manages all of the details - it's so simple you can do everything with your smartphone

With typical fundraisers families reluctantly buy products that are significantly overpriced, on the premise that it’s “for the good of the kids”!

With SchoolRaising, families get the full value of each product at normal prices & the business donates a portion of each sale to the schools. By supporting schools local businesses are able to connect with schools and gain the loyalty of the community.

Small local businesses often provide the charm and character of great communities. It's important to support small/local businesses in your community.

The SchoolRaising online/mobile marketplace provides a new way to easily support local businesses by purchasing their products or services using any device (smartphone, tablet, or PC), without having to physically drive to the business. Best of all, businesess donate a percentage of every sale to your favorite schools!

Buying from local businesses strengthens the local economy. SchoolRaising's goal is to help schools and local businesses thrive and build stronger communities
Students can have even more fun by setting up challenges (coming soon). Schools, groups, or teams can challenge each other to see who can raise the most.

Challenges typically result in more money raised and help students get more involved. Students enjoy the friendly competition and the SchoolRaising platform allows them to easily track their success. Working togetehr for a common goal is a great life experience for kids
What Schools are Saying

We are excited to use SchoolRaising to help us raise money year round, without all of the hassles of running a traditional fundraiser. It's simple - just sign up & start earning money for your school by supporting local businesses. In exchange the businesses donate a percentage of each sale to your school. No other fundraiser is this easy!

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