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FREE for Schools - Raise money for your school by supporting local businesses

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Buy Local

Buy Local Get $

Simply buy from local businesses & they donate $ to your school or group

100% Goes to Schools

Schools receive 100% of every donation made by businesses and can raise significant funds

Stronger Communities

Connecting schools with local businesses strenthens the local economy & your community

FREE for Businesses - Place your products at the fingertips of the community

SchoolRaising is a cause driven e-commerce platform for local businesses that also benefits schools and the community.

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Grow Sales

Reach local families and offer them an easy way to purchase your products & services with our e-commerce platform

Connect with Families

Increase loyalty from local families and the community by helping schools raise money


Just sign-up, post your products & our web/mobile e-commerce platform manages the transactions for you

Please help us with BETA testing the site - You're input is crucial!

We're currently in the BETA testing phase and need your feedback so we can provide the best fundrasing platform for schools and e-commerce platform for local businesses. Inititial BETA testing is being performed with a few schools, but we need everyone's feedback!

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